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The Internet Called Out Kim Kardashian For Photoshopping Her Sexy Selfie

Many critics quickly noticed that something was off in the second booty selfie. Photoshop expert Peeje T told Radar Online the image was clearly "manipulated." He explained that the curved doorframe in the picture is a dead giveaway. You can definitely see a gap at the same level as Kims chest. This would be caused by using a tool to expand her breasts. "There also seems to be a more subtle distortion on the floor, Peeje added to Radar, You might notice how it follows the same contortion as Kims waist and hips. He added that in a second picture, it appears Kim has digitally pulled in her waistline.
More: http://www.businessinsider.com/internet-calls-out-kim-kardashian-for-photoshopping-selfie-2014-1

Hip-Hop Rumors: Does Kim Kardashian Photoshop Her Butt Selfies?

She revealed what song of his she really loves. Despite appearing in his video for "Bound 2," her choice track is off his 2010 album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. She revealed, " 'Lost In the World'....it's such a special song to me." And while Kim is one of the most sought-over celebrities in the game, she isn't immune to criticism. She shared her philosophy on how to deal with the haters. "It's hard because seems that these days people can never be happy for you.
More: http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1720067/kim-kardashian-selfie-tips.jhtml

Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Favorite Selfie, And Other Confessions In Q&A

Now, before I begin, I must say this is all purely speculative, [since] I actually heard Kanye [West] might have brought curved doors to Ikea over six years ago, he told the site. In the first pic, which Ill call the Booty Pic, I have diagrammed with a red line how the door should look if it was a normal, straight-edged door. You can definitely see a gap at the same level as Kims chest. This would be caused by using a tool to expand her breasts. There also seems to be a more subtle distortion on the floor, Peeje continues. The underlying red line shows how the tiles should be where the blue line follow the actual markings on the floor.
More: http://allhiphop.com/2014/01/08/hip-hop-rumors-does-kim-kardashian-photoshop-her-butt-selfies/

Kim Kardashian's Back; Supervolcanoes Threaten Everything

The 33-year-old beauty hit the town Jan. 6 for some shopping at Barneys New York and Cartier. Kardashian was decked out in a white crop top , a high-waisted mint pencil skirt and a pair of coral pumps for the outing. She wore her hair in loose waves and flashed her stunning engagement ring as she made her way past the hoard of onlookers surrounding the area. She got a lousy surprise in the form of a parking ticket, left on her Rolls Royce while she shopped in Cartier.
More: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/01/07/kim-kardashian-crop-top-pencil-skirt_n_4553923.html

Kim Kardashian's Crop Top And Pencil Skirt Can't Hide Her Curves

Scientists previously believed that so-called "supervolcanoes" would erupt only after an earthquake, but new research suggests the volcanoes, hundreds of times more powerful than conventional volcanoes, could erupt at any moment. 3 CES Spotlights Wearable Tech The International Consumer Electronics Show kicks off today in Las Vegas, with many watchers betting that wearable gadgets will be the rage this year. Google is already experimenting with Google Glass, Apple is rumored to be releasing a wristwatch soon, and several other companies are introducing devices which promise to be smaller and more portable than the tiny smart phone already in your pocket. 4 N.Y.
More: http://abcnews.go.com/Social_Climber/kim-kardashians-back-supervolcanoes-threaten/story?id=21432803

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